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Club Cyberia has offically shut down as of 04/01/2023. The volunteers at club cyberia want to thank everyone who worked to make the space what it was. May your future projects be successful.

When and Where Are the Meetings?

Executive Team Meeting

Executive Team meetings are usually at 7 PM EST on Thursday unless otherwise specified. Currently they are being held virtually.

Board of Directors Meeting

The Board of Directors Meeting is on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 7:30 PM EST. All levels of membership are invited to attend the Executive Team and Board of Directors Meetings.  All Active Paying members may suggest topics and issues for these meetings or request an agenda from the Secretary, via

Committee Meetings

Individual administrative and club committees will meet as needed.  These meetings will be listed in upcoming events.

Annual Meeting

Cyberia has an annual meeting to elect directors and officers, receive reports on the activities of the association, and determine the direction of the association for the coming year. This meeting occurs in January. The board is responsible for announcing ahead of time the location and time of this meeting


6800 E 30th St, Indianapolis
Suite 500 | IN

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