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The RFID Project

The RFID Project has split into two branches.

The first branch uses the existing system and hardware.

It's completely software driven, requiring no electronics experience. The software is functionally complete, but has additional requirements before Cyberia is comfortable implementing it and has been effectively abandoned in favor of the second option. The current hardware has some limitations in what it's capable of, expanding the system has larger costs when compared to option two, and it has issues beyond what this article will cover. However, It's already in place, the code is almost done, and there are technical hurtles to the second option.

A rundown on what needs to be completed for this branch to be accepted is as follows:

  • Software needs logging (simple text file logging is fine)
  • Robust fallbacks in the event of an error (Potentially notify a person if fallback fails)
  • Easy manual data manipulation (django admin mostly covers this, but a command/form needs to be generated to update wild apricot)
  • Software needs deployed on local network
  • Generate SSL certificate
  • A few other misc tasks regarding polling door controller and data flow

If you read through all that and said, Hey I can do some of that! The code is located @ https://github.com/nate998877/DoorCommandApi feel free to open pull requests or open tickets. If you're dedicated and have experience Cyberia can provide a development board for you. The infrastructure aspect will be handled after the software is complete.

Branch two! Pi time.

This branch is what Cyberia is currently working towards. It is in need of electronics work, 3d printing/laser cut work, and programming work. The idea is simple. Instead of relying on an expensive limited board, why not just interface the pin pad directly to a ubiquitous Raspberry Pi! You may have seen Arduino based controllers before but the Arduino is just a middleman since the controllers use 5v logic. So why not just use a logic level shifter! Nathaniel Lyttle started this project with the goal of getting the cost under $100 per installation. Currently it's a mess of wires on his desk, but it's functional.

List of things required to complete the project:

  • A program to run it (Plan is to rip out the guts of branch one replacing all the logic specific to that hardware)
  • A 3d printed/laser cut case for the rpi, logic level shifter, voltage shifter, transistors & and other components required.
  • A review and update to the current hardware (Nathaniel doesn't know what he's doing and the fact that it works as is is magical)
  • Most of the items associated with branch one still need to be completed to get this operational, but this doesn't need deployed local network since it'll run on the RPi.

This might seem like extra work ontop of branch one, but it comes with a multitude of benefits. If you're interested in working on this project, please reach out to nate@cyberialtd.org for more information. 


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