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Club Cyberia has offically shut down as of 04/01/2023. The volunteers at club cyberia want to thank everyone who worked to make the space what it was. May your future projects be successful.

Large Vacuum Former

We were donated an incomplete Proto-Form vacuum former.  This unit is large enough to make armor like the Strom Troopers in Star Wars, or a custom panel for your car!  Currently, this resided by the cold metal working area behind the awesome room.

The project needs funding and help assembling from the instructions, and you can contribute to it at

Project Contact


Why just cut on a puny 12" x 18" piece of equipment when you could be working on nearly full sized sheets of plywood!  This Large CNC has been one of our long time projects and is nearly done.  You will find this in our workshop on the ground floor.

We need help assembling the the rack and pinion system and setting up and tuning the software.

Project Leader

RFID Door Access

We are Upgrading our door lock system with an API. This will allow us to automate the addition of new members, track who enters and when, and expand the list of available services.  

We need people to help customize hardware and develop software. 

This project has branched into two ongoing projects. More information can be found here.

Project Leader

Tool Database

We are setting up a library catalog for people to use and check out tools for use at Cyberia.  People will be able to check out which tools we have, and members can check out and return the tools, or submit a notice of a broken tool.

If you would like to help, contact Joanna and see what you can do.  We will need to gather the information and enter the remaining tools, so expect this to be a long term project.

Project Leader


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