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Download the vCarve Pro Trial  Edition from here:

vCarve Pro Trial

How to Add the Makerspace Code for Cyberia

  1. Download and Install the vCarve Pro Trial Edition
  2. Go to Help ==> About
  3. Click the button that says Enter Makerspace Code 
  4. Enter This code: 482F2-5AE90-B73AC-18D8F-5DE3C-0C11C-5EBA2
  5. Now close this window, and exit and restart your copy of vCarve Pro Trial. 

Now, you can work on your CNC cut job at on your computer, and just move the .crv file for the project to the Design computer in the Makerspace Room or the V90 Computer in the Workshop and have our full version create the g-code file for the CNC you will be using..

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